Pack 3 Mojos

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Pack 3 Mojos.

Mojo is the sauce par excellence of the Canary Islands and serves to accompany various dishes (meat, fish, potato). There are different types mojos, depending on which one they will accompany and can range from mild to very spicy flavors ("MOJO PICON"). and are divided into three main categories, mojos green (soft and picón), mojos (soft and picón) and Almogrote (soft and picón).

The greens are made from green pepper, oil, vinegar, garlic, cumin and salt. Some varieties are made with a lot of parsley mojo green coriander is made, as its name indicates with leaf or coriander seed.

Red mojos are made from red pepper, oil, vinegar, cumin, garlic and salt. And the popular dough is the MOJO and also carries a very spicy little red chilli called in the Canary Islands.


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