Montserrat Viera is a well-known ceramist in the Canary Islands. His creations are the result of inspiration, creativity and experience in an artisan work that evolves over time.

His works are born from a color or combination of colors, or in a texture, and from there comes a fieldwork and many hours of rehearsal until reaching a final result.

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Montserrat Viera

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Montserrat Viera, Ceramicist

Unique and exclusive pieces marked by the Canary Islands' essence are found in a place filled with art and nature, the Montserrat Viera Studio.

The Montserrat Viera Studio is known for crafting artisanal ceramic pieces, distinguished by designs in vibrant colors, each bearing a unique stamp.

The handcrafting of each artisan piece brings the ceramic products to life, offering personalized exclusivity to their owner.

In Montserrat Viera's studio, there is a particular focus on ceramic jewelry and paintings that reflect the essence of Canarian culture through each color and line depicted in her creations.

Discover up to 45 different designs of artisanal ceramics and a wide variety of formats available at Montserrat Viera's sales points.

Learn about the story behind the artist Montserrat Viera, who developed a special passion for ceramic art from an early age. This passion began to flourish in 2005 when she started her education in the arts at the Fernando Estévez School of Art on the island of Tenerife. This led her to become one of the most distinguished artisanal ceramic artists in the Canary Islands.

Montserrat Viera Studio

Montserrat Viera is a Canarian artist with a long career in artisanal ceramics, whose story is enriched by an immense love for ceramics, blended with a passion for art and undoubtedly influenced by Canarian art.

However, this artist's story is not just about artistic preferences but also dedication, training, and research, which make the Montserrat Viera Studio what it is today, one of the most distinguished workshops across the Canary Islands.

Driven by this passion to express art through ceramics, the artist began her training in 2005 at the exclusive Fernando Esteves School of Art, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Today, the Montserrat Viera Studio is a place where you will find exclusive artisanal ceramic pieces, handcrafted using various techniques individually, making each piece unique and distinct from the others.

The techniques used have been based on thorough research and preparation, developed over the years at the same studio. The concept of each piece aims to reflect the living nature and essence that surrounds the Canary Islands.