Soaps by Muchacha of Canarias Shop, part of the best selection of their artisan soaps, with all the properties they treasure. Unique designs, in white natural wool wraps, and a natural protection against bacteria, fungi. A taste for the eye and the senses, which you can discover in Canarias Shop

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By Muchacha Soaps

By Muchacha soaps are an excellent alternative as they are crafted with high-quality artisanal manufacturing. The manufacturer focuses on offering quality products at reasonable prices. Their workshop complies with all necessary requirements to ensure their products meet current sanitary standards.

Below, you will learn more about these soaps and find out what you need to know to purchase them whenever you wish.

Buy By Muchacha Soaps

By Muchacha soaps are natural and handcrafted. By Muchacha features Feelties, which are soaps wrapped in sheep’s wool, made with felt and crafted individually. They come with exclusive designs, making each one a unique piece.

If you want to buy them, they cost 33 euros, tax included. They come in themed packs, and interested customers can purchase them directly on the website. Simply click here, choose the desired pack, add it to your cart, and complete the purchase immediately.


By Muchacha’s workshop offers very good items with quite modern designs. They produce certain products using natural fibers, all handcrafted, ensuring attention to all aesthetic details to offer the best quality.

The workshop also offers Japanese embroidery. This technique is taught in a workshop, allowing participants to beautify their homes by making a tapestry, also known as Kakekomo.

The workshop is run by true experts who can teach or produce products according to the company’s policies.

Unique Design

All products, especially By Muchacha soaps, have a particular design that makes them more attractive. As a result, customers purchasing from this store are acquiring products with very eye-catching designs.

It’s not just the materials but also the design of the products, especially these soaps. All these wools are very attractive and have unique features. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase any product from this store. All their packs are excellent and offered at very appealing prices.