This Transparency section publishes all the information related to the obligation established by the state transparency laws (Law 19/2013, of December 9, on transparency, access to public information and good governance) and Canary Islands (Law 12/2014, of December 26, on transparency and access to public information), for any private entity that receives aid or subsidies from the Government of the Canary Islands for amounts exceeding €60,000, or €100,000 in the case of coming from the Cabildos and City Councils

Type of information


Obligation we comply with



General information

General information about the entity: institutional, historical and economic.

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Organizational structure

Regulations applicable to the entity. Information related to the functions and competencies, the corporate purpose or the foundational purpose of the entity Organization chart of the entity

Further economic-financial


Budgetary and accounting information

General annual accounts

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List of aid and subsidies granted

Amount; objective or purpose, and beneficiary person/entity. Description of the purpose and objectives or achievements attained with the grant or aid

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