Discover the new collection in the most beautiful jewels of Enso Canarias. Volcanic and oliviine jewelry. His creations in rings, pendants, necklaces, are unique. Take advantage of the special prices in Canarias Shop!

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Gifting a costume jewelry necklace can be tricky considering it's a very personal accessory; we need to keep in mind the tastes of the person we're gifting to ensure our choice is successful.

The volcanic jewelry brand Enso Canarias has opted for various lines in its collections to cater to every type of woman, from the simple woman looking for an everyday stone necklace to the more sophisticated woman seeking an exclusive piece worthy of the finest event.

Gift Jewels from Enso Canarias

The first factor to consider should be the age of the person receiving the gift. For ladies, for example, an original necklace with olivine stones would be a good option.

If we're thinking about a young girl, we might consider gifting her a pendant with a single stone as the main feature. As an example, we could mention the lava pearl pendant model, a very suitable accessory for any look, whether elegant or casual.

If instead of age we take into account the personality of the person we're gifting the costume jewelry necklace to, we need to analyze whether they are extroverted or more reserved.

In the first case, a good option would be to buy a model with a strong personality, a jewel with vivid colors and bold shapes that becomes the center of attention. As an example of a striking jewel, we could mention the lava medallion necklace.

The Detail of Jewels from Enso Canarias

Conversely, if we are trying to have a detail with a more discreet and simple person, we might opt for a more conservative jewel, such as the lava necklace with zirconia and magnetic clasp.

Another factor we might consider when gifting a high-end jewelry piece could be the occasion or the reason for the gift.