The Canarian gastronomy is characterized by being simple, but at the same time possess a rich variety of ingredients, partly because of the different gastronomic richness that is on the islands, but that also have a mixture of cultures, which makes it very interesting.

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Canarian gastronomy

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Canarian gastronomy is one of the cultural cornerstones of the islands, encapsulating all the cultural amalgamation, history, and traditions that make up what the archipelago is today. In this instance, we delve deeper into Canarian cuisine, its incredible flavors, and its unique combinations that showcase Canarian nature and its distinctive products.

Flavors with a Designation of Origin

The Protected Designation of Origin is a distinguished quality seal awarded to certain products of the European Union, which often includes agricultural goods.

Within Canarian culture, there is an abundance of flavors that have this designation, as many island foods are prepared with natural products exclusive to Canarian agriculture.

For instance, the distinct Canarian black potatoes and exotic fruits such as the Canarian mango, pineapple, avocado, and Canarian banana, which are also used to prepare the islands' traditional dishes.

Another example of foods with a designation of origin includes some cheeses made on the islands, notably the "majorero" from Fuerteventura and those crafted in Gran Canaria like "Palmero" and "Flor de Guía".

Not to be left behind, Canarian wines also have this designation. Owing to their volcanic origin, they offer a truly unique taste unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Local Recipes

Diversity and pronounced flavors are two of the standout characteristics of Canarian cuisine. It boasts a wide variety of dishes, allowing us to journey from the most delicious Canarian sweets to indescribable marine-based dishes.

For starters, many are made with ingredients found solely on the islands, like the renowned and delectable palm honey, not just used as a sweetener but also to impart a unique flavor to many Canarian dishes.

Another staple of Canarian cuisine is "Gofio," a blend of roasted grains ground with a pinch of salt.

Additionally, a famous island recipe is "papas arrugadas" made with black potatoes (with a designation of origin) and other types of potatoes boiled with a bit of salt. These are often accompanied by dressings like "Mojo Picón," a sauce made from garlic, pepper, "piconas" chilies, salt, vinegar, and oil.

Wine gastronomy

Wine is an integral part of the gastronomy of the Canary Islands. In fact, many wines produced here carry a designation of origin, making them exclusive with the Canarian seal recognized worldwide.

In this regard, Canarian enogastronomy encompasses myriad ways wine is integrated into the islands' cuisine, be it as a drink, a tasting companion, or part of Canarian dishes and recipes.

The most notable are the volcanic wines, one of the 10 with a designation of origin. They are known for their fruity and acidic profiles. The most famous among them are from La Geria, made from vines growing on volcanic rock.

The wines from Tenerife are also renowned for their distinct and exquisite flavors, as well as the sensations they offer to the palate. From there arise vibrant reds, rosés, and whites.

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