About us


Artesanía Kactu's S.L. is a chain of stores that, since the date of its creation (October 2004) opened its first store in the town of Teror. So far, the trademark Kactu's has grown linearly, increasing its stores to 7, which are located in strategic tourist areas. It has the widest variety of products of souvenirs, handicrafts and typical products of the Canary Islands. Today, it is probably the No.1 store chain in the industry.

It has a payroll with more than 30 perfectly trained employees, which puts us at the forefront of the sector.

Our mission

Our way and culture of doing business is strongly linked to the importance of customer relationships and their satisfaction. All this both for local audiences as well as to offer the tourist the service that covers their requirement in price, quality and service.
Continue to grow linearly as the market requires it.
Open new markets mainly in the Canary Islands.
Make every time the brand Kactu's become more consolidated in the tourist and local market of the Canary Islands.