Look no further, you have already found the best Canarian sauces. The best mojos canaries made in the traditional way, with the best selection of red, green, picón mojo so that your dishes take the joy of the Canary Islands.

Canarian Mojo Sauces

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If you're a tourist who loves visiting the Canary Islands, you surely tried the best Canarian mojo sauce in history. Its ingredients undoubtedly make it something amazing.

What is Canarian mojo?

Canarian mojo is one of the main sauces used in the kitchens of the Canary Islands. Its magnificent flavor allows you to use it in any of your dishes without any problem.

It doesn't matter if they are salty or sweet, you're going to enjoy one of the best combinations.

According to culinary experts, this sauce was created around the 15th century, and it is thanks to the relationships between the Canary Islands and South America that its discovery was achieved.

Even with the passage of time, and also Canarian migration, this sauce has become one of the most popular.

Because of this, it is perhaps one of the most used in other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Cuba.

Its main ingredients are:



Salt and garlic, depending on the cook's taste.


After having the base of the sauce, you can add any other type of spice if you want to give a special and unique touch to your recipe.

Benefits of Canarian mojo

Canarian mojo is a sauce that you can combine with any type of dish, that is, if you prepare a salty meal you can add it, and likewise accompany it with another of different characteristics. It is a sauce that is not thick, and because of this, it tends to be one of the favorites.

It has different ways of preparation, to be combined with spicy or sweet. It should not be used in a specific time of the year. Anytime you want to consume it, you can prepare it. It gives that characteristic flavor that you so much desire in your dishes, especially in meats and fish.

You can accompany it with "papas arrugadas" (wrinkled potatoes), and it's the best combination, bringing all its stews together.

It is not only used within the Canary Islands, in Spain it is also consumed in large quantities.

Moreover, if you make the spicy Canarian mojo, you can also enjoy different benefits, such as: activating your metabolism, improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, among others.

The spicy mojo is one of the most recommended sauces for athletes, especially if the main ingredient is chili. Because it helps them control pain and inflammation.

Types of mojo

There are several types of mojos, and this mainly depends on the tastes of each person who cooks and prepares the recipe.

However, the most known are the red, green, mild, or spicy ones, choosing between one or another depends on your tastes, and the flavor you want to enjoy in your meals:

The Canarian red mojo or also known as spicy mojo:

It is one of the most known, and it's the quality of its ingredients, such as peppers or tomatoes, that gives it the desired flavor. This can also be prepared without tomatoes.

The greens:

Are made specifically with parsley and cilantro, although often depending on each one's preferences, avocado can also be added. This way, you get that beautiful coloration and incredible texture when consuming it.


Made with ingredients that do not contain any type of spice, and are the favorites of people who want to vary the flavor of their food, but without giving it an intense touch.


Made especially for the more daring, and to enjoy a meal with a more intense flavor. Even one of the main ingredients is chili, pepper, or chillies.