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We offer you a wide selection of Canarian cosmetic products. From aloe vera in different presentations, and it is known for its regenerative and skincare power, to goat's milk soaps or by muchacha.

Also the line of artisanal soap of Volcanic Malvasia, the Volcanique line, of the most delicate skin care or Mussa, with all the properties of banana.

Canarian cosmetics

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Why choose Canarian cosmetics?

The Canary Islands are special for many reasons. Their climate, geographical location, and habitat conditions make them a unique place in the world, with very special characteristics. The natural richness they treasure is an essential and unique part of the formula that gives Canarian cosmetics an unmatched organic quality boost.

Mineral and active principles of Canarian cosmetics

This is how natural principles, derived from plants grown in the Canaries, as well as the rich minerals from the islands, with a volcanic past and present, confer their cosmetics with outstanding quality. Aloe vera and volcanic minerals, bioactive betaine are very important as active principles in the formulation of creams, masks, soaps, and cosmetic gels.

Canarian cosmetics with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very present in Canarian cosmetics, both for its organic properties and the benefits it provides to the skin. In addition, Canarian Aloe Vera, due to the climatic conditions and the quality of its natural environment where it is cultivated, which are optimal for the plant, gives it unique characteristics in terms of its organic and mineral richness.

Canarian cosmetics with volcanic soaps

Organic soaps, as the basis of good natural artisan cosmetics, contain volcanic microparticles that mainly help to regenerate the skin, cleanse it, and are a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. At Canarias Shop, you can find a natural range of these types of soaps in different formats.