Discover an innovative collection, which goes hand in hand with the ecological and natural. Banana as raw material for our most special creations.

Each work is different and carries some of our Canarian essence. These fragments can also be naturally combined with our collections in lava and olivine jewelry, not forgetting shells, coconuts, hard rocks and other amazing materials.

What's the process? Pressing these leaves and the natural bark into shapes and covering them with resin creates extraordinary shapes. Each work is different and unique.

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Buying Banana Fiber Jewelry at Platanera: A Canary Jewel

Tradition, creativity, and nature intertwine in the creation of one of the most extraordinary forms of art that has emerged from the Canary Islands: banana fiber jewelry. This handmade art transforms banana fibers into exquisite jewelry pieces, uniting beauty and sustainability in each design.

Origin of Banana Fiber Jewelry

Banana fiber jewelry is a unique art form that has developed in the Canary Islands, where the banana industry has a long tradition.

The idea of transforming banana fibers into jewelry comes from the need to use all the resources of banana cultivation, eliminating waste and adding value to the final product. It's an innovative idea that fits perfectly with the island lifestyle, which has always been in harmony with nature.

The Creation Process

The process of creating banana fiber jewelry begins with the careful collection of banana leaves. Once collected, the leaves are sun-dried, and then scraped to extract the fine fibers that will be used in the jewelry making. The collection and drying are manual processes, carried out delicately and with respect for nature.

The obtained fibers are intertwined and woven in different ways to create unique patterns and designs. They can be dyed with natural dyes to achieve a variety of colors and are often combined with other local materials, such as seeds, stones, and shells, to give the pieces an extra touch of authenticity and charm.

Importance of Handicraft Work

The fact that each piece of banana fiber jewelry is handmade adds invaluable worth. It's not just about jewelry; each piece is a reflection of the dedication, patience, and creativity of its maker. Moreover, handicraft work supports the local economy, allowing craftsmen and women to express their culture and keep their tradition alive.

Applications of Banana in Jewelry

Banana fibers are surprisingly versatile and can be used to create a wide variety of jewelry pieces. The possibilities are practically endless: from delicate necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings to larger and bolder pieces.

Necklaces and bracelets made with banana fibers are often combined with pearls and semi-precious stones to add a touch of luxury. Meanwhile, earrings and rings can be more minimalist, letting the banana fibers be the true protagonists.

Banana fiber jewelry is a Canary treasure that highlights the beauty of nature and human ingenuity. Each piece is a tribute to the Canary Islands, its tradition, and its commitment to sustainability.