Bio-Active Facial Cream (day)

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Bio-Active Moisturizing Cream (day) 100% organic. Restores the skin's natural balance by protecting the immune system. Its natural ingredients, Betaine and Aloe Vera, act as powerful regenerators and moisturizers. Babasú and Oliva Oils create natural protection against external aggressions, providing softness and elasticity. No parabens, mineral oils or synthetic dyes.
Ingredients: Aloe vera, betaine, babasu oil, olive oil.

Properties:Protects the immune system of the skin. Regenerates, thanks to its content in aloe. Natural protection from the sun. Provides hydration softness and elasticity.

How to use: Wash your face gently, preferably with Aloe Vera Soap from Lanzaloe. Dry it carefully. Apply your Bio-Active Facial Cream to your face with upward movements. Use it preferably in the mornings. Presentation: 50ml


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