Hand Cream 100ml

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This Cream, with Aloe, protects your hands from cracks and irritation caused by external factors. Its pure Aloe juice formula softens and regenerates the skin in deepening. Wrap your hands in the pure Aloe juice and don't let them reveal your age.
Ingredients :Pure aloe vera juice, paraffin, allantoin, glycerin.
Properties:Protects hands from external factors. Rejuvenates and regenerates tissues. Fat-free and soft to absorb. Aroma of lavender and geranium.

How to use it: Use it daily before leaving home, you will create a protective film against the cold, pollution... If your hands are badly damaged follow the following shock treatment:

1. Before lying down, put a thick layer of cream on your skin (about three times what you would apply to a normal day).

2. Cover them with cotton gloves (make sure they don't squeeze you so it doesn't affect circulation).

3. Let the cream work on your hands throughout the night.

4. When waking up, remove the gloves and wash your hands.

5. Bring them closer to your face and notice their softness

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